Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

As Sirçekvalf, our first and basic approach against our employees who have been working with us and who want to work with us is to create training opportunities and feasibilities to increase their success and efficiency in the tasks they carry out while shaping their future according to their expectations by means of their contemporary knowledge, dynamic and creative characteristics.

Our company manages the career plans of employees by taking into consideration the mental abilities, personality traits, self-improvement levels, progress in their jobs and high-level needs in our people-oriented management approach. With this, we ensure our employees’ job satisfaction, commitment to the company and internal mobility.

For the assignments made to the critical tasks, our employees’ business success, performance level and competency based selection criteria are taken as basis. We prepare our employees, who are supported by the performance management system, as a good candidate for the future.

In order to provide our employees with the opportunity to work efficiently in order to ensure their efficient work, we share the opportunities of our Group Companies with themselves and contribute directly to their career development.

By creating an opportunity to determine and develop the long-term goals of our companies with an objective and equal opportunity approach, we also make an important contribution to the motivation of the individuals by meeting the needs of self-realization.

We wholeheartedly believe that we need to create the intellectual and creative capacity which is necessary for our company to continue its activities by investing in the career goals of our employees.

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Products

Each aspect of a responsible production overview is to promote excellence and success. Innovation and creativity that distinguish our products in the world of professional equipment requires sensitivity to society and the environment. The products we produce are 100% recyclable because they are made of fully recyclable stainless steel.